Bathroom Remodeling Tips For Your Massachusetts Home

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massachusetts bathroom remodel
There are a couple reasons that might cause someone to undertake a Massachusetts bathroom remodeling project.

First, if you're putting your house on the market, or anticipate that you might, remodeling a bathroom, especially a master bath, can lead to a quicker sale. This is because a newly remodeled bathroom will get a lot of attention from prospective buyers.

Note that we said quicker sale. The likelihood of recovering the entire amount you spent on the remodel is low. Statistics indicate that on average, you can expect to recover about 65% of what you spent when you sell.

If, on the other hand, the remodel means that your house sells quickly as a result, as opposed to not selling at all, you can reasonably say that the cost was completely justified.

Next, if you plan to remain in the house, your consideration of a bathroom remodel is more a matter of prudence if the need for remodeling is suspected or apparent structural damage from leaking fixtures or years of moisture exposure. Or, you just may want to do it for comfort, convenience, or simply to increase your enjoyment of your home. All these reasons are valid.

It's quite possible that some, all, or a combination of these or other reasons contribute to the decision to remodel a bathroom. No matter the reason, if you chose to move forward with a bathroom remodel, you have some decisions in front of you. You will need to decide how much to do yourself, how much you are willing to pay for it, do the work yourself or hire a professional, keep or change the current layout of the bathroom, whether or not structural work is needed, and whether or not fixtures and major elements should be fixed or replaced entirely.

Determining the Scale of the Project
massachusetts bathroom remodel

Resurfacing of sinks, tubs, and walls, along with changing faucets, or installing a new toilet is the first level of bathroom remodeling. Someone with basic handyman skills, tools, and adequate time can probably do this project themselves. A second, as well as a third bathroom would be nice if this is the path you choose.

If you want to change the location of major fixtures, perhaps add a double sink, or want to use a substantial amount of materials such as marble and ceramic tile that are normally beyond average handyman capabilities, you will want a professional like Elmo Garofoli Contruction helping you.

This would also be true if structural damage due to age or catastrophe (massive water damage) means that the bathroom must be torn out completely, or needs construction work such a new windows, wall studs and floor joists.

In these last two cases, the services of a bathroom remodeling contractor could be expected to cost on average around $16,000. The key to keep in mind regarding this figure is the word “average.” The cost of this project can vary considerably in either direction, and the only way to get a handle on the true cost for your desired results is to get estimates from some Central MA bathroom remodeling contractors.

Paying For the Project

Depending on your personal finances and the anticipated amount involved, this is one project where a home equity loan or line of credit is a pretty sensible tactic. If the amount involved is substantial, and you are the one who makes that decision here, home equity can be tapped for the low interest and tax deduct ability they supply. If the repayment period of any amount you need to borrow for the project is over a year, do not use credit cards.

DIY or Hire a Pro

We touched on this subject earlier, but here's another consideration: The money you save doing the work yourself will fade from memory fairly quickly, but the time period where you had to cope with the disruption and inconvenience of having a non-functioning bathroom will stay with you forever.

Unless you remodel bathrooms for a living, anything beyond cosmetic items and changing a sink faucet or installing a medicine cabinet are probably best left to a pro.

There are many licensed, reputable, honest, reliable bathroom remodeling contractors that can get the job done and get your life back to normal quickly.

Keep or Change Current Bathroom Layout

Because of the plumbing involved, changing the layout of the bathroom is going to escalate the cost rapidly. Keeping the drains and water supply where they are is the way to go if you want to get a shiny new bathroom for the lowest cost. If you absolutely need to have sinks or toilets or tubs and showers moved, it is very time consuming and expensive. That's because it is easy to install plumbing when a house is being built. When walls and floor are in place, moving them can be nightmarish.

New Walls, Joists, Windows, Doors

Water is bad for a lot of building materials like wood and wall board. An older house may have been collecting moisture for years, which can result in wood rotting and developing mold, and wall board cracking and crumbling. Replacing these things is no easy task, but if intervention has occurred soon enough, you may escape with replacing wall board, in which event a good Central MA bathroom remodeling company will use a moisture resistant wall board known as “green board.”

Keep or Replace Showers, Tubs, Faucets, Toilet

These items are mainly for décor. If they are working well, re-use them.

If a toilet is leaking, uses a lot of water, or looks horrible due to years of dealing with central MA water, go ahead and replace it. A modern, low-flow toilet will pay for itself after several years in water costs, and will in all likelihood work better, clog less, and be easier to maintain.

This same can be said for tubs, showers and faucets. Replacing these items are usually the prime motive for bathroom remodeling in the first place, whether the job is to help market the house for sale or is just for the purpose of homeowner benefit.

Tubs, showers, and counter tops can often be given a face-lift through re-surfacing. All the same advice about doing it yourself or hiring a central MA bathroom remodeling company applies, but the cost for this approach will be substantially less than total replacement.

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